Barlink 4.0
WIFI Barrelstorage

...the Next Generation Distillery


For barrel storage with individual
barrels. The highly accurate sensor technology allows the detection of:
- Angel Share
- Devils Cut
- Tmperture and Hunidity

A leaking barrel is immediately detected, an alarm is immediately sent by email. Behind the trapezoid shaped aluminum profile is the load 

A built-in barrel carrier:

1.) barrel carrier mounted with screws
2.) solid U-beam
3.) Force sensors with metal supports
4.) shortened wooden barrel supports
5.) Sensor cables which are connected to the sensor amplifier with Bluetooth.


Display of the individual barrel data on the tablet. Any alarms (too fast weight loss = possibly leaking barrel) are sent to an email address.

Main view of the individual barrels of the barrel storage. Weight, temperature, humidity and battery status are always displayed. Measurement cycles from a few seconds to a few days and 3-5 years battery life are some features.

Information of a single barrel storage location: multiple fillings and many other indications can be used for highest accuracy and information content

Barrel Beam

Barrel carrier (view from below) with attached sensor module (simple magnet mounting) and connected sensors. 

Sensor amplifier with TARA and measurement button on the barrel carrier, which can of course also be activated on the tablet/PC.
The system can also be integrated into standard steel barrel racks.

On the left the receiver miniature PC (with database) and open receiver plugged in.
On the right the sensor amplifier and Bluetooth transmitter with batteries for 3 - 5 years of operation.